Queen, the first descendant of the Khlara dynasty

Collection Queen

The first collection of the Khlara label is Queen, a royal range of non-woven wallcoverings that emphasises stylish designs and exquisite colour combinations. The special 3D-technique adds relief, creates a different look and adds a special touch. The combination of sparkling and matted effect is another characteristic of this collection. Queen offers a great variety of ornaments, natural elements, stripes, geometrical shapes and uniform colours. There are 12 different designs in a variety of colour combinations, together offering 40 Royal references.

12 noble designs


  • Victory
    A classic ornament in a modern jacket. The special 3D-technique and the shadows around the drawing give the pattern more relief and seemingly lift the pattern off of the even background. The colour combinations Victory Black (black/silver) and Victory White (ton-sur-ton white) give an added effect to the large glitters incorporated in the pattern. The combinations Victory Plum (aubergine) and Victory Sand (beige) provide a softer feeling, as if the wallcovering is made of deerskin.
  • Kornelia
    This classical ornament provides a combination of fine, subtle glitters and extremely matted wallpaper for that added extra. The deerskin look is also available in various ton-sur-ton combinations: Kornelia Ruby (red), Kornelia Blush (lilac), Kornelia Oyster (beige) and Kornelia Mistral (grey).
  • Cadenza
    A modern, smooth and simple retro-look ornament. The 3D-technique makes the lightly glittered waving lines seem to float on the even wallcovering. Cadenza is available in three colours: Cadenza Ruby (red), Cadenza White (white) and Cadenza Mustang (brown and copper).

Natural elements

  • Alea
    Tiny palm leaves melted into a true medallion. The pattern is also placed on an even background and, once again, the deerskin plays an important role.  Alea offers various ton-sur-ton colour combinations: Alea Olive (olive green), Alea Sand (sand colour), Alea Mustang (chocolate) and Alea Dust (white).
  • Malory/Elyan
    A true eye-catcher! This pattern is inspired by pineapples. The large patterns (Malory) are 50 cm and only available in one colour combination: Malory White. The large pineapples are given a striking effect due to the silver foil applied in places. The result is a beautiful contrast between shining and matted patterns, adding a retro-feel.
    The smaller pineapples (Elyan) are 25 cm and are available in two colour combinations: Elyan Dune (beige), a ton-sur-ton without silver foil on a slightly shiny even background and Elyan Gold (gold), patterns with silver foil on an extremely matted even background.

Geometrical shapes

  • Queen
    Queen suits the Malory and Elyan wallcovering perfectly and attracts attention with its 3D-motif that seems to be standing on a little block. This pattern is available in three colour combinations: Queen Gold (brown/gold), Queen Black (black/grey) and Queen White (white/silver).
  • Capiton
    Capiton was inspired by that typical button pattern that is often used for chairs and couches. These discrete wallcoverings are available in five colour combinations: Capiton Silver (silver grey), Capiton Blush (lilac), Capiton Mustang (chocolate brown), Capiton Dust (white) and Capiton Moss (moss colour).
  • Armor
    This is a game in 3D-technique, played between the foreground and the background. Armor is placed on a single colour background, has a stitch effect and is available in four colours: Armor Mist (grey), Armor Indigo (blue), Armor Linen (beige) and Armor Gold (gold).


  • Noble
    These wallcoverings harmonize perfectly with Victory as they have the same colour scheme. Noble Black (black/silver), Noble White (ton-sur-ton white), Noble Plum (aubergine) and Noble Sand (beige). Noble has narrow, slightly shiny stripes on the even Ode background.


Uni wallpapers

  • Ode
    This even wallpaper was given a unique stitching effect, as if it has been sewn. Ode is available in three colours: Ode White (white), Ode Orchid (lilac), Ode Sky (light blue), Ode Camel (camel colour) and Ode Oyster (beige).
  • Cleo
    Cleo Moonlight is an even, pale wallcovering that suits any pattern from the Queen collection.

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