Grace, an engaging collection


Grace charms us with its self-willed mix of geometric shapes, vintage inspired patterns, refined ornaments and remarkable stripe designs, wrapped in a surprising color palette of pure white and beige with silver on top of striking tints, such as mustard yellow, wine red and emerald green to trendy cobalt blue and metallic grey/black combinations. With its outspoken engaging and generous character, Grace gives every interior a special luxurious, contemporary and enriching appearance.

Grace has 12 new patterns and repeats a stripe pattern from the Queen collection. The new collection is good for up to 54 references that are divided into eight inspiring color themes. The special dimensions of the wallcovering (1.06 m x 10.05 m) ensure a faster finish with fewer seams possible and a high-end result for the interior specialist.

12 headstrong patterns


  • Luxus
    The vertical net of lines of broad ornamental stripes gives this classic pattern a particularly trendy character. The lightly woven background creates, in contrast with the ornament itself - that is, as it were, on top of it - a special 3D effect. This results in a unique embossed surface on the wall, making it look as if the ornament actually steps out of the broad stripes.


  • Grace
    This classic yet graceful ornament was immersed in a modern color bath: from soft lilac on stylishly chocolate brown to elegant and mysterious black. The eye-catcher here is undoubtedly Grace White: a pure white background with the Grace ornament in matte silver foil on it.



  • Sarah
    By means of the striking differences in surface structure, Sarah creates a three-dimensional sense of depth, whereby the pattern basically emerges, as it were. The contours of this geometric ‘chequered pattern’ are printed heavier in this case, which creates a high level of relief in the wallcovering. The interplay of matt and glossy elements within the pattern itself reinforces this effect still more.


  • Orphee
    creates a kind of ‘shredded’ effect with its rigid, geometric linear pattern of irregular vertical fine stripes in an interplay of broader and narrower colored blocks.


  • Sitara
    The special ‘soft touch’ surface finish of the Sitara wallcovering attributes a special major attraction and cuddly factor to this modern lines and stripes design. The interplay of color shades within the same color group and the contrast between matte and extremely shiny and irregular fine stripes give this geometric pattern just that little bit more.


  • Tivoli
    displays a geometric interplay of small block lines on a shiny background. The pattern itself is extremely matte and once again it displays that extremely soft ‘suede’ structure finish. A stunning 3D effect creates through this interplay of matte and shiny geometric elements. The eye-catcher is undoubtedly the mustard yellow Tivoli Gold. The striking color mix in the Tivoli series actually conveys a certain ‘retro feeling’.



  • Anaïs
    This vintage design reflects a kind of clover- leaf. The background has a very matt finish, in which a fine vertical line is processed in the same color and surface structure as the pattern itself. Anaïs shows us some beautiful and bold color combinations, such as a matte white, a light beige background with a light glistening silver clover leaf, a brown matte background with a light glistening bronze clover leaf or a matt black background with synthetic mica - which provides a rough surface structure - in emerald green.

  • Hamlet
    represents a modern vintage ornament combined with a rigid interplay of lines. The contours of the ornament also have the special synthetic mica finish here, which creates an unusual relief on the wallcovering. The background is quite matte with a light, fine, glossy vertical line in the same surface structure as the contours of the ornament itself. The shadow printed around the contours of the ornament enhances the 3D effect even further and creates a special experience factor.
  • Vivien
    Vivien’s geometric shapes are reminiscent of an open, blossomed rose, but hidden in a mix of rigid straight lines. The combination of the extremely matte, soft touch with the light, glossy elements within the flower pattern creates a stunning effect. Vivien Chocolate steals the show here with its combination of dark chocolate brown and soft beige and light brown elements.



  • Venus
    The outsider in the Grace collection is the organic Venus motif that provides an enlarged reflection of tree bark. The background has a matte textured finish, while the grain and details of the bark are slightly shiny.



  • Noble
    We have seen this wallcovering with narrow, slightly shiny stripes on a plain background earlier in the first Queen collection. Noble also fits in perfectly with the patterns from Grace’s different style groups and is available in elegant black, pure white, soft lilac and sand colors.



  • Titus
    With its light geometric shape as pattern, Titus provides an elegant union that is available in various stylish colors, from silver, taupe and honey, to clay and skin tones.
  • Emmit
    With a soft wavy movement of fine lines, Emmit matches the various striking designs from the Grace collection perfectly. Emmit has a beautiful color palette of peach and paprika on emerald green and copper to caviar.

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